Saturday, 17 May 2014

Suicide is therapeutic


After I accepted hell, things started making much more sense.



Being able to appropriate yourself in the past doesn't mean you can still do it. I need to remind myself that.

Who the fuck goes out to dates

I ate the pizza from 10 days ago, i put it in the microwave it kills all shit, i even checked yahoo answers opinions were debatable. How many hours do I have left? Ah, ok. That's alright, it's only a date I have tomorrow not a marriage.

Clingy bitch

I'm gonna go take a piss and then im gonna smoke my lungs out.
You can't get out of my mind and I'm gonna text you that even though i know i shouldn't cause im gonna scare you off like everyone. I'm a clingy motherfucker. I want my skin to touch you as much as I can, anywhere, anytime, no matter what you're doing, but I won't do that.
I want you to be wrapped around me like im the insides of an enchilada. I know you care but your affection levels are just below average. I will always find something to hurt myself.