Monday, 20 January 2014

Death as an option

unconventional shit might be just as beautiful

I think it's high time you start considering how other people feel about death. The predominant view that it's a 'bad thing' to happen is stupid and one-sided like most predominant opinions with not efficient evidence. It is only selfish and at this point you should stop thinking only about yourself. If this is what makes me happy, if I achieve it, you should be happy too. This is good. If I look forward to it you should applaud me when I achieve it and shove your selfish feelings, because considering them all the time drives me crazy.

1 comment:

  1. The smoke in this picture looks like it's moving. Part of me wants you to succeed, because it's what you want. Part of me is worried that it's not really what you want. But I can't know that - I don't know the inside of your mind. I'm not that good at Chinese yet, but I thank you for the endorsement anyway. I smiled.