Friday, 29 November 2013

Today lets talk about darkness

So lets talk about sad stories and crashed dreams and failed romances, you seem like you can handle it.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Love is not eternal

-I don't want light, it disturbs me. -I have an idea.

Only suffering can last forever.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Futility decomposes

The girl who fell asleep on the escalators of the tube had formed the view that Eight o'clock in the morning was the ugliest girl she had ever seen. She had been forced to see her again that day against her will because she received a call to attend along with other depressed people with empty eyes on underground trains. She could never understand why such an arrogant chick like depression would hit all those strangers with no common attribute to unite them all, paradoxically, with the same calamity. How the fuck was she able to suck the guts and whatever else she  could find inside the bodies of those around her and especially of herself, without leaving the slightest mark or pinhole. No, no, that's bullshit and lies, do not confuse me with your thoughts so I won't narrate things as they are. You know very well that no chick is responsible for the gap in your eyes and your absent guts. Next time take attendance and do not blame outsiders. What was to blame was that she thinks too much. Without realizing it she comprehended the futility of the world. That's what you get when you think all the time without having the restrictive blinders or complexes of a prodigy. I can not blame her though, alas. It came to her like a free fall in potassium while she was wet, when she reunited after a year with the carefree and lonesome Time who was constantly hitting on her when she was turning back alone. That son of a bitch didn't talk to her as if  to provoke her to keep thinking more and more till he drove her crazy and in the end he always made her cry. Everything made her cry though, except maybe some random stray dogs she met occasionaly and made them the honor  of seeing her denture for 3 milliseconds.

However she wasn't a dog person but she spent 20 years believing so. Bullshit. It was cats she liked, they had the nerve to showcase their spunk, she said. They circulated their flaw, to desert the people who love & feed them without hesitation, around the street, so we were prepaired not to expect much. After all they are more beautiful and supple and the fur is nicer to fondle and more independent unlike them puppy pricks who can't even wipe their ass. The dog, however, is stupid on the square. To be domesticated by us imbecile bipeds the shit in their heads must have multiplied. This is how the girl, who fell asleep on the escalators of the tube, did her math.