Saturday, 5 May 2012

If it's sweet

When your time passes at home the pages you might visit daily surpass the million.

the baker

In one of my recent quests for how to memorise sth I found a smartass suggesting to put it in your mp3 and write it down in the exams. The epic answer he got was this: "Another solution is to put a friend to write it in the sky with an aeroplane that emits smoke.  Of course, if you're unfortunate and it's windy, you'll need to be a quick writer."


and the achievements, I'm too much into cooking lately
especially if it's sweet 

As well as in one of my usual visits in YouTube while listening to a song and having nothing else to do I started to subconsciously read the comments in which there was a typical conflict between the supporters and the haters. This is the supporter's point of view which I found rather vocabulary efficient, disarming and funny at the time:

"Thanks for your input troll.Unfortunately I'm the only person to feed you.Must be rough..looking up videos just to say they suck. Comes off as a lame and pathetic attempt to get people to interact with you. If you are going to be ignorant and childish? At least say something witty or funny.Otherwise you just look like a pea brain douchebag.Hope this helps "

Last but not least, comment:
"The clip's got parts of zeitgeist right?"
"Yeah right, I used the song as a propagandistic means of passing subconscious messages and reprogramme your minds so as to accept the new reality and holistic philosophy."


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