Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sick dreams

This is my first attempt in a really cute drawing board I found online
I call it 'the sad face'

We can rip their hands between their fingers and then put a needle in their mouth and just stick a knife in their back for coverage, no one will catch wind of it if they see the knife.

We are talking about this kind of dreams.

Monday, 23 April 2012

New PJs

I got trapped in the elevator (or should I say lift since we're going for the UK).
Of course when an elevator stucks it will always be in the middle of two floors. That's what happened to me as well. Since I've never had the extraordinary experience of getting trapped in an elevator before, I stood there for a moment but after a while I got that it would take more than that  to make it move. I spotted the alarm button but didn't push it. That elevator offered me generously a few moments of clarity and I gladly received them.

my pirate dog made a hole in its pillar and got stuck in it

PS: pajamas is the best possible present I could receive, so tired of t-shirts.

Friday, 20 April 2012


the best has yet to come
Words from a kind stranger,

Whatever happens, you've got the best part of your life ahead of you. In London one of the two Europe's capitals of culture that is just half an hour from Amsterdam, two hours from Paris (train!) and five hours from New York. This September earth will seem like a drop of water ready for you to taste it. With new people with the same desire and interests as yours. And remember the best has yet to come, indeed, the world is yours.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

City functions

This one for example.I've promised this one so long before
(on the right you can see who's guilty for the other photo)

There are sometimes that I would really like to know what exactly are there all those buildings for.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Trick question II

and I will make bananas that I stole from your house

I've given up on people, but I guess I can get used to your cookies and tea. These will make me happy from now on so now you hold the key to my happiness. Big thing huh!?

Friday, 13 April 2012


memories, that is

The more memories we make the more I forget of those that should be forgotten. Maybe that was the deal from the beggining, I couldn't stop thinking about it because I had no other memories worth thinking. But these aren't happy memories anymore. Let's make more .. .

That's the method after all, last in first out.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Treat me

cloudy sky

Tears? Oh .. Don't worry, my eyes have been sick for sometime now and they vomit tears occasionally.
So don't worry about them, they're getting used to it.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Trick question

the place is empty now so you won't be able to see it

. ..
- What makes you happy ?
- Ehh, happy as?
- Happy as when you think of it, it will make you smile .
- Hmm, is this a trick question?
- Hahah, yes it's my trick question. Others have been in your shoes before so don't worry .
- Music would be a standard, people make me happy as well but not always...Well, I smile when I think of you.
- ...Straightforward aren't you?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rose red cheeks

The girl's cheeks took a rose red color and she could feel her lips getting warm from the things she was ready to say. She wanted to tell him that he was kind, that she had never met such I kind person before and that's the reason she had that impulse to tell him in the first place. She truly believed it even though she didn't know him for long. But long days and long nights passed with him and the time came when she was abandoned. Denying to accept what she said in the past was wrong she tried and she tried and she tried to get him to acknowledge her value. But what she had said was wrong and nothing could change that.

She cried. The first day she cried because she missed him. The second day she cried because he didn't miss her. The third day she cried because she was nothing without him. The fourth day she cried because he was fine without her. The fifth day she cried because she understood that the dreams they shared, her dreams that were taken from her without question, had vanished.  The sixth day she cried because she was betrayed. The seventh because she had let her feelings mislead her. The eighth because she was told lies without telling any. The ninth because the world is cruel. The tenth because she was crying even though the world is so much crueler to many others. The eleventh because she was lying to herself that there was still hope. The twelfth because she was pathetic enough to still try for a lie. The thirteenth because she found happiness and she let it go. The fourteenth because she understood that what she thought as happiness was a fraud. The fourteenth because she had to buy tissues. The fifteenth because whatever she did she couldn't stop. The sixteenth because she was afraid she would start to hate him. The seventeenth because he didn't care, and he was having fun while she was rotting. The eighteenth because she was afraid she wouldn't achieve the leftovers of her goals. The nineteenth because he didn't keep his promises. The twentieth because he absorbed her lost self. The twenty-first because she accepted she wouldn't be with him any more. The twenty-second because she thought she would never have the same feelings again. The twenty-third because she didn't want to feel again those feelings not to get hurt again. The twenty-fourth because she got that even if she felt it again nobody would ever feel the same. The twenty-fifth because he didn't want to see her again even though he said otherwise. The twenty-sixth because she wasn't given another chance although another chance was given to someone who didn't deserve it. The twenty-seventh she cried because she wanted another chance. The twenty-eighth because she shouldn't have wanted and she shouldn't have even been the one to need a chance. The twenty-ninth because  he made her feel as if she wasn't worth anything. The thirtieth she cried because he regretted their time together and he wished to be with another. The thirty-first she cried because she noticed one month had passed and nobody could tell her when her pain would ease. The thirty second day she cried because nobody helped her and more than anybody he wouldn't help her.            All of these happened just for her to notice he was not a kind person. Not at all, not beautiful nor kind , at all.                                            

She cried, although it was too late. The world she had built her logic, her common sense, her purpose of living was destroyed. But she was left                                                                                                                      

The thirty third day she cried, but she wasn't alone anymore.