Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nice to meet you, I'm nothing

Why can't you people love?
Why can't my tears stop?

Why are my clothes smothering me?
Just how much louder do I have to shout?
Just how much more do I have to cry?Stop it please I can't run anymore, the gates of the world I dreamed are closing. Allow me to hold all those dear memories, cause I will run one more time.

Suddenly I found a hope that shouldn't have been there. The moment I thought it was the same moment it flew away, since I saw your face your eyes, those eyes that were always taking my pain away, now they scare me they bring me unbearable feelings they make me understand that I'm not me anymore. I'm vacant , I arrived at where I began, in nothing. I was nothing, you gave me identity and now,again, I'm a solitary wounded nothing.

At least you gave two adjectives to my name. I should be grateful


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