Saturday, 24 September 2011


3 Blanket Party

You can vote for '3 BLANKET PARTY' for absolutely no reason ( except if you have any interest in me winning money) HERE!  And I might tell you what our name means..

Shame on me

athina in central europe

When I was young , when visiting my cousin's house, we (me,my sister and him) would always wear our swimsuits (my sister didn't. She didn't accept any kind of cloth in her body until the age of 5) and go to his yard running all around like wackos while the automatic watering system was on. Whenever somebody passed the road and looked at us I was ashamed and stopped until he left.

Yesterday, while walking in front of a ballet school and listenig to the piano I started demonstrating my dancing moves in the empty night road. After a pirouette I noticed someone looking at me wondering. I guess some feelings will remain the same.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


so if you can't see my face?

Why can you read my face? Are there any subtitles around that I'm not aware of? Cause not only can you see through me but you can clearly repeat my thoughts. And I hate it. So if there's a secret or some power I lack off  tell me! You have to since it's not only you, or people who know me better than theirselfs , it's also complete strangers. You have to tell me what's wrong with my face.
                                                                      Why can't I keep my thoughts for myself        ?

Monday, 12 September 2011

His saliva

I adore you even more than raspberries 

From now on the only liquid on you will be your sweat and my saliva, no more tears . .alright?