Monday, 9 May 2011

My granny talks to the dog

the dog

Granny : What are you doing there again? Didn't I give you spaghetti already for breakfast?[the dog isn't supposed to eat spaghetti] Awww you poorly animal what can I do if you give me that look, come I've got some fish heads inside[the dog is supposed to choke with that] . Oh hoh ho how energetic you are I'll bake you a cake [fine that's my addition]

Athina : Maaa what did you say? (from the other room)

Granny : Nothing sweetie , oh how cute you are [the dog isn't cute , it's a pirate]

Well it would be nice if the dog spoke to me when at her age , or maybe a parrot

my chances with any other species are less than few & my patience with people will have already committed suicide.

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