Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spill it

Well not everything is meant to be said to everybody but if your mind is stuck to something slips of the tongue happen , but yet again the situation can be fixed.

On the other hand  things that are unimportant for oneself don't even slip , they are said casually & that's how the situation deteriorates.

she made cupcakes for me

Furthermore there actually are things that do absolutely not need to be told to certain people.
For example :
When at 4th grade in the 4 season celebration at 4th of April I was dressed up like a pumpkin in order to incarnate the 4th little pumpkin of the peas dance, the 4th masterpiece of collection no 4 also known as '4est stories'
 to say that he has to be a really important one ,such crap aren't acceptable by any other.

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