Friday, 11 February 2011

Love stories

KLIMT : the kiss
WARNING: boring story

What am I supposed to do?

I hadn't gotten drought for a while, but there's no point is there?
you stay like that forever , forever.  your bad. ..

shed all your tears now
listen to sad songs.. .
fuck that , you're right

what?you must be kidding me I can't actually be living this.
               your song , ,, that's it
nice, what do we do then? .. . no my decisions are stable ,
apparently someone must be playing with me. somebody looks at me
none of these days are good , none
walk slowly & make your face like when everybody asks you if there's sth wrong
we ain't have anything . nothing
sweep up this face & throw some water
& learn how to make larks
that's not enough is it? it's not ha? it's not ha? it's not ha? it's not
what's this? my body feels heavier
that's not a good week , there's too much sun
that's what you should say , ,,

success! see?
logic returns eventually, it's comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
you know what he'll say but you smile that  you know that, even if you won't like it
ah the water is good
the sun isn't

rote rote rote
I don't want intellectual activity & I can manage to do it
I said I should always try  , these are youuuuuuur words
hey! I said no brain function for a while

well I guess that was yesterday though
today it's different

happy end

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