Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I like this one, there has to be some φ around there, where are you?
They say , ,. It's commonly known that if something is pleasing to the eye although there's no reason for it to be then it's all the phi-base's fault. The golden ration base. So if we accept that nature is beautiful therefore it probably needed loads of φ's. So what? God is a mathematician of some kind?
                                                                   Ah, forgot to suppose there's god.

speaking of god , ,,

God is an astronaut
[6/2/11] : It was my first chance to see them live and I'm really pleased. Well actually I liked them. Ok I was fascinated as one of the fellows I drugged with me (showing compassion to their ignorance) felicitously added. Hopefully they like it here so their visits are regular something that I'm pleased about, I like it , fuck I'm fascinated. So stop talking to me about sunflower's heads and why its spirals is a fibonacci number and listen to the real thing.

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