Monday, 28 February 2011

Why you say

The one that knows what you'll say before you complete your sentence .

Someone that whenever you're not specific won't ask you to explain because he already got what you wanted to say .

Just like that .

Thursday, 24 February 2011

It was raining

well eating rain does make me a little happy . Austria July 2008

What makes you happy?
I mean , like something that when you think of it , it makes you smile .

Is it such a strange question to ask?
Your face glowed and I will remember that smile you had when you heard it.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spill it

Well not everything is meant to be said to everybody but if your mind is stuck to something slips of the tongue happen , but yet again the situation can be fixed.

On the other hand  things that are unimportant for oneself don't even slip , they are said casually & that's how the situation deteriorates.

she made cupcakes for me

Furthermore there actually are things that do absolutely not need to be told to certain people.
For example :
When at 4th grade in the 4 season celebration at 4th of April I was dressed up like a pumpkin in order to incarnate the 4th little pumpkin of the peas dance, the 4th masterpiece of collection no 4 also known as '4est stories'
 to say that he has to be a really important one ,such crap aren't acceptable by any other.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Expiration date

haruna-chan you're my favorite pirate dog
(pirate because her ear is cut,
tell you the story other time)

Of course I won't ever remember any special day.
If there weren't expiration dates I wouldn't even know what month it is.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Love stories

KLIMT : the kiss
WARNING: boring story

What am I supposed to do?

I hadn't gotten drought for a while, but there's no point is there?
you stay like that forever , forever.  your bad. ..

shed all your tears now
listen to sad songs.. .
fuck that , you're right

what?you must be kidding me I can't actually be living this.
               your song , ,, that's it
nice, what do we do then? .. . no my decisions are stable ,
apparently someone must be playing with me. somebody looks at me
none of these days are good , none
walk slowly & make your face like when everybody asks you if there's sth wrong
we ain't have anything . nothing
sweep up this face & throw some water
& learn how to make larks
that's not enough is it? it's not ha? it's not ha? it's not ha? it's not
what's this? my body feels heavier
that's not a good week , there's too much sun
that's what you should say , ,,

success! see?
logic returns eventually, it's comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
you know what he'll say but you smile that  you know that, even if you won't like it
ah the water is good
the sun isn't

rote rote rote
I don't want intellectual activity & I can manage to do it
I said I should always try  , these are youuuuuuur words
hey! I said no brain function for a while

well I guess that was yesterday though
today it's different

happy end

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I like this one, there has to be some φ around there, where are you?
They say , ,. It's commonly known that if something is pleasing to the eye although there's no reason for it to be then it's all the phi-base's fault. The golden ration base. So if we accept that nature is beautiful therefore it probably needed loads of φ's. So what? God is a mathematician of some kind?
                                                                   Ah, forgot to suppose there's god.

speaking of god , ,,

God is an astronaut
[6/2/11] : It was my first chance to see them live and I'm really pleased. Well actually I liked them. Ok I was fascinated as one of the fellows I drugged with me (showing compassion to their ignorance) felicitously added. Hopefully they like it here so their visits are regular something that I'm pleased about, I like it , fuck I'm fascinated. So stop talking to me about sunflower's heads and why its spirals is a fibonacci number and listen to the real thing.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Pure 12.00 pm

Grandpa : Are you going to school?
Athina : No , I'm going home.
G : Where do you live?
A : Nearby.
G : Ah . . .
G : You got a boy?
A : No
G : No?
A : Yes
G : Ah.
G : Where 're you from?
A : [smile] I'm from here.
G : Here?
A : Yes.
G : No.
A : Ah.
G : You can't be from here.
A : That's where I was brought up.
G : And your father?
A : From Kalymnos.
G : I've been there.
A : Nice it is.
G : Good morning.
A : Greets.

That's what you call a random crosstalk with a weird grandpa stranger.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


possible movie scene ?

What's wrong with these stars? I see them everywhere, no, I just saw them on his hand. Now there's one in yours too? What for? A reminder. Oh. So it's a reminder of the note in your palm. In your palm. Is it visible there?
___________________________________________Wait, why is the star on your right hand? Are you left-handed ?

Could I have been thinking you from the wrong side all this time?