Tuesday, 4 January 2011

As well as hell

ah , & a happy new year

What's this shit with people? Masochists to the bone. Days like these when you start appreciating sleep is when it happens. You are lying in your bed and although you're hungry, you need to visit the toilet badly and you want to watch spongebob , you will sit right there torturing yourself for ten minutes more without even getting any more sleep.

inside the old but full of love house we stayed
it was raining so the cat came in

I also realized that there's no point in trying anymore to suppress the instinct that is rooted deep inside my own self. After all it will preponderate. I just can't do anything else but do any stuff I have to do the last day of the deadline. Even if I try or think of it for days that won't change and I have qualms about it as well & can't do anything. Pathetic i am.

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