Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Take a breath,, that's my girl

I really have a liking in this gate that appears to be
a deserted kindergarten

a really vintage chair that I would capture for sure if it wasn't

What did I say ? You leave everything until the last minute and you're trying desperately to cover the dawdle sea you made being late even to your own program . So at the crucial point when you've given up and say ... 'I CAN'T MAKE IT IN TIME , I regret not starting earlier' is when you're beloved roommate will notice your nervousness and ask you 'Why you rushing? What time 'd you think it is?' and hopefully discover that you have one hour more than you'd expected and you can take it easy and.. HAH! You go watch anime for another hour and then come back .

That's Athina for you ,, yayy

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