Sunday, 9 January 2011

Streets & Pirates

the pirate awaits for new adventures
(all pictures are from when the pirate invaded Kastoria this christmas)

the pirate and a tree

"What?....You aren't feeling so well ha?....Nooo, no don't think about it I'm coming there....Yeah, yes I do remember where you are...Alright see ya." a couple of minutes later.. "Fu..oh nooo, no waiiit, wait. Shit , I mean 5.970 avenues & 560.000.379 roads you all need to cross this street right now? TAXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !" and the girl that had absolutely no idea of where she was going got in the vehicle cool & easy "whe're you going missy?" asked the old tarif  "ehmm..ah! Geraka, I'm going to Geraka" said the missy and thought she was fine since it was just a straight road, how difficult could it be. "should I go from Plakedias?" wondered the experienced man -did I mention?Old man."Ehhhhhhhh..." that particular eh was held for approximately 5 seconds in which the gorgeous young lady thought "I don't know how to direct him from there but I'll see something familiar. After all what do I have to lose?" and the first mistake had already been made "Yes!" the small idiot answered with confidence. They've been traveling for several minutes when the obnoxious old -pretty old I have to say- man informed the unsurpassed but a bit of an airhead beauty that from then on she would have to tell him where to turn. Like hell she knew. "Errrrrm" "Ehhhhhg" "I should call my friend, just wait a minute.." she said in an unbelievably adorable way that wasn't recognized though."What?Ok, I don't know what you're talking about speak to the tarif" she said having forgotten that she gives money for talking to the phone and that we are talking about an old a really old man.Well I'm bored and this is ridiculously huge so I'm gonna tell you that nothing more than the girl laughing on the back seat and a fortune been wasted on the taxi and the phone since the tarif wouldn't catch a word , happened.

the pirate and his boat, don't be fooled by its small size
it's ferocious


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