Monday, 24 January 2011

Silent the voice in my head

These awkward habits of mine owwwwwhhh. *disappointed look*

I'm thinking way too much. Too much. It's when somebody surprises me with an unpredictable gesture or move and I have just a couple of seconds to consider how to respond. I suck at this. No it's not enough time so yes I usually reply or do sth that doesn't satisfy me when I think about it later so I try to make me feel better by repeating what I did or said many times in order to convince myself that it wasn't as silly as I thought it to be.
     But there's one tiny little problem. By repeating the action ,that made me look silly once, many times I look like a dummy until I am convinced -doesn't happen since it's not true- or sth else draws my attention - happens eventually.

people will always look at you

Aaaanyway, today a friend of an important friend of a friend of mine said 'Hi' when we crossed ways but I hardly even recognized him (I knew the guy it's just that my eyes are poor) and started waving my hand spasmodically without saying anything. And I didn't like that gesture of mine so I was waving my hand like that on the streets while people were looking at me query.

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