Tuesday, 18 January 2011


child's play      
[Kastoria again & again & again since she's gorgeous & I would gladly fuck her]

Cheerful day oh how I missed you, , I'm in the mood for poem heh.

I was on my way home when I caught the presence  of one of my favorite human species .. . MOMMIES. Although I couldn't see her since she was behind me I instantly understood that she was adorable. Her cute son [comment 1: no I couldn't see him as well but I could hear his hoarse but cute voice, comment 2: yes that's how I got that she was a mommy] was happily recounting his day and new experiences and she would reply with a deadpan voice not showing the slightest interest with one word or so. At some point she rudely interrupted him asking him how he did in his test at school and he answered that he didn't do really well. She insisted on asking him why and if other children made it and when he honestly answered that he couldn't manage the exercise but other did she asked him again why? That's when I got really pissed turned behind and looked at her incapable of doing anything thinking 'why? Why that child couldn't probably do such simple math with such a bright mother that would solve sth like this in the blink of an eye? Of course. That's the level of her knowledge anyway but after a while you won't be able to ask why wise lady. Instead of praising the kid for his effort and thank her stupid creator (the creation of whom [the mom] was obviously a loss of material) for having it in her insubstantial lackluster and boring life she asked him if other children made it? I mean, if other children made it? Could you possibly be an idiot? Why you make children feel inferior from such an age? They'll get it later anyway let him be for devil's sake'.

I kept on going and listening to her crap when I heard him running and her voice that actually got a bit serious telling him to come back.
But he kept on running happily in front of me now and entered his home ignoring her.

I remembered that nobody needs sympathy & started laughing on my own.

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