Thursday, 6 January 2011

Please don't take him just because you can

yeah,, we might not be anything like what I'm describing afterwards but we're having fun anyway
and yeeeeeees YES the new synth is finally here and that rehearsal was dedicated in exploring it
everybody's on keyboards except the undeniable & unbridled talent the keybordist who
captures the emotion & is no other than me ho ho ho
Anneke Van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh 5/1/2010 : And that was the first time I met Danny, after the epic & probably the best live of the previous year in my opinion Porcupine Tree with Anathema 9/9/10, who also dedicated a song to Steven Wilson-I would dedicate him the whole setlist but I think I'm out of the point. Anneke's voice is untouched and she's really sweet and entertaining so I really regretted for not getting too see her with Agua de Annique last last year since this show was really worth going although it was as good as an acoustic show could be. However I really enjoyed the whole thing - question: wasn't there supposed to be a support band? - and the family atmosphere  kind of made me feel easiness though it wasn't the Gathering neither Anathema anywhere on the stage.
our beloved guitarist
he's not as good as he seems
*devil* muhaha

Anneke did a splendid cover of "Jolene" something that reminded me that I never found a cover of the song that could satisfy me but I couldn't find it in decent condition online *sad*. Well my dignity would never let me say sth like what the song says to a woman but it's such a beautiful song that makes me wonder if I would.

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