Saturday, 8 January 2011

Need some love?

When you think that no one is giving you any attention you most
probably are the one to not care about the ones who do.

one of the few adornments that I liked in the
Lilin called me last night to inform me that I would go with her to some crappy movie she really wanted to watch. But I was sulking and got pertinacious ..and she got furious and at some point she angrily shouted: "For god's sake Gerasime" instead of shouting my name , the rest is history , I started laughing my ass while she was explaining to me that whenever she's really pissed she accidentally calls the one at fault -me in this case- Gerasimo , her boy who is pissing her whenever I get to see them, something that I found absolutely hilarious.

PS: christmas repressed desire , I wanted so badly to walk with you at the sunrise

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