Saturday, 15 January 2011

Different subconscious

I think it's possible to infiltrate the subconscious by observing the way people delete or smudge something they've written wrongly . I've collected the top 5 "techniques" :

things doesn't always need to be correct
believe me a park without kinds is the best thing
I've happened to see recently

  1. the Nerd Technique commonly known as 'mathematician' is a technique that is mostly used by perfectionists, people who rarely  make mistakes anyway and if however happen to be in their deathbed and make one they prefer to burn the whole note and write their will again.
  2. Evita's Technique the name of which was taken from the girl in next seat at school. Not ONLY the mistakes, everything that isn't supposed to be there will be deleted by Evita's correction roller so I really enjoy making tiny lines on her books since they will be instantly erased.
  3. the Simple-Line Technique is usually used by really-tidy-high-intelligence people and is really rare (you surprised? I said hi-gh in-tel-li-gence HELLOOO),I've never seen it actually it's sth like an urban legend. However it's quite recognizable. The person that is really busy-looking actually thinks that is so busy that he doesn't have any time to spent so whenever he makes a mistake he just simply deletes it with ... a line.I mean, A MOTHERFUCKING SIMPLE LINE WITHOUT SCREWING ANYTHING AT ALL , how can this be? Just a line? Gross.
  4. the X-Technique, sounds interesting? No, not really. People who use it have claimed it as unbelievably boring since they just X things. They usually use it in their everyday life as well. They X cooking,cleaning,ironing,fucking etc. as well as people or other activities.
  5. the original Smuuudge Technique [with 3 u] for people who don't love writing and like to mess up whatever they don't love so .... whenever they do a mistake they smuuuuuuuudge it , lines, circles, squares, triangles, cars ,cute elephants ,,, they draw every kind of geometrical shapes with passion, and theeeeey like it, oh devil, they really do so they usually don't need to make a mistake in order to plant the seeds of disaster.

    and finally the most anticipated... My Technique. It's not unique but whenever I write something wrong I write the correct one write on the wrong  I won't use any deleting technique i will just write the right answer on it. I've accepted countless complaints cause nobody really gets what I write and that shades my bright mind HO HO HO

    PS:alternate 5 : the Wavy-Line Technique

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