Friday, 21 January 2011

Can you hear that?

some sketch born from my boredom

Today's this thing . .. when you wake up even more exhausted than when you slept. It sucks.

On such a day I wondered why there 're people with knowledge that you admire & those nerds that piss you off. It's simple, you get a glimpse of the guy and you know, his experience is huger than elephant's shit , this guy is an expert, and even if he talks to you about the biggest shit you'll think they're precious aphorisms and write them down. On the other hand you've got that guy , a semi-poser wannabe whose dream place is a library so he can show you everything he knows but that's not the difference. Actually our first case lacks the knowledge of the second however the second's wisdom got beyond control eventually and got overcharged so sth deep inside his brain is making a dull bumping noise from then on .

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