Monday, 31 January 2011

New rod

& he is like a fish out of water
check the bubbles
You see, cooked in miso or cured with salt, a fish is a fish.

Medicine Seller

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Well ain't it funny .. .

the lady here was inside
so I'm sure as hell that she knew it wasn't raining

It's funny when you're holding an umbrella when it has already stopped raining.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Silent the voice in my head

These awkward habits of mine owwwwwhhh. *disappointed look*

I'm thinking way too much. Too much. It's when somebody surprises me with an unpredictable gesture or move and I have just a couple of seconds to consider how to respond. I suck at this. No it's not enough time so yes I usually reply or do sth that doesn't satisfy me when I think about it later so I try to make me feel better by repeating what I did or said many times in order to convince myself that it wasn't as silly as I thought it to be.
     But there's one tiny little problem. By repeating the action ,that made me look silly once, many times I look like a dummy until I am convinced -doesn't happen since it's not true- or sth else draws my attention - happens eventually.

people will always look at you

Aaaanyway, today a friend of an important friend of a friend of mine said 'Hi' when we crossed ways but I hardly even recognized him (I knew the guy it's just that my eyes are poor) and started waving my hand spasmodically without saying anything. And I didn't like that gesture of mine so I was waving my hand like that on the streets while people were looking at me query.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Can you hear that?

some sketch born from my boredom

Today's this thing . .. when you wake up even more exhausted than when you slept. It sucks.

On such a day I wondered why there 're people with knowledge that you admire & those nerds that piss you off. It's simple, you get a glimpse of the guy and you know, his experience is huger than elephant's shit , this guy is an expert, and even if he talks to you about the biggest shit you'll think they're precious aphorisms and write them down. On the other hand you've got that guy , a semi-poser wannabe whose dream place is a library so he can show you everything he knows but that's not the difference. Actually our first case lacks the knowledge of the second however the second's wisdom got beyond control eventually and got overcharged so sth deep inside his brain is making a dull bumping noise from then on .

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


child's play      
[Kastoria again & again & again since she's gorgeous & I would gladly fuck her]

Cheerful day oh how I missed you, , I'm in the mood for poem heh.

I was on my way home when I caught the presence  of one of my favorite human species .. . MOMMIES. Although I couldn't see her since she was behind me I instantly understood that she was adorable. Her cute son [comment 1: no I couldn't see him as well but I could hear his hoarse but cute voice, comment 2: yes that's how I got that she was a mommy] was happily recounting his day and new experiences and she would reply with a deadpan voice not showing the slightest interest with one word or so. At some point she rudely interrupted him asking him how he did in his test at school and he answered that he didn't do really well. She insisted on asking him why and if other children made it and when he honestly answered that he couldn't manage the exercise but other did she asked him again why? That's when I got really pissed turned behind and looked at her incapable of doing anything thinking 'why? Why that child couldn't probably do such simple math with such a bright mother that would solve sth like this in the blink of an eye? Of course. That's the level of her knowledge anyway but after a while you won't be able to ask why wise lady. Instead of praising the kid for his effort and thank her stupid creator (the creation of whom [the mom] was obviously a loss of material) for having it in her insubstantial lackluster and boring life she asked him if other children made it? I mean, if other children made it? Could you possibly be an idiot? Why you make children feel inferior from such an age? They'll get it later anyway let him be for devil's sake'.

I kept on going and listening to her crap when I heard him running and her voice that actually got a bit serious telling him to come back.
But he kept on running happily in front of me now and entered his home ignoring her.

I remembered that nobody needs sympathy & started laughing on my own.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Listen, watch, eat

  • 2L8 ( 14/1/11 ) : Last Friday Electric Litany were playing at AN with a couple of other bands I hadn't heard before and wasn't really interested when I did online so I was certainly surprised when I realized that headliners was a band named 2L8 (please don't listen me in  youtube I suck listen to me here) and even more after I heard them live. I absolutely adored their music and their dark-cabaret-band-like appearance although I found it really difficult to define their music.

  • The King : It's not a usual phenomenon for me to choose a worthy film so I got really excited to have chosen this. Attention : not for action lovers it's more of a beautiful film dedicated to photography. Provocative and anti-conformistic including murders,sex and handsome cast what else do you need ?

  • Chinese : I'm more of a Japanese culture follower however Chinese food is of the most appropriate things to make my day. These noodles, the chopsticks and the weird shrimp crisps are worst than heroine making me laugh on my own after I eat 3 times more than my stomach's space.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Different subconscious

I think it's possible to infiltrate the subconscious by observing the way people delete or smudge something they've written wrongly . I've collected the top 5 "techniques" :

things doesn't always need to be correct
believe me a park without kinds is the best thing
I've happened to see recently

  1. the Nerd Technique commonly known as 'mathematician' is a technique that is mostly used by perfectionists, people who rarely  make mistakes anyway and if however happen to be in their deathbed and make one they prefer to burn the whole note and write their will again.
  2. Evita's Technique the name of which was taken from the girl in next seat at school. Not ONLY the mistakes, everything that isn't supposed to be there will be deleted by Evita's correction roller so I really enjoy making tiny lines on her books since they will be instantly erased.
  3. the Simple-Line Technique is usually used by really-tidy-high-intelligence people and is really rare (you surprised? I said hi-gh in-tel-li-gence HELLOOO),I've never seen it actually it's sth like an urban legend. However it's quite recognizable. The person that is really busy-looking actually thinks that is so busy that he doesn't have any time to spent so whenever he makes a mistake he just simply deletes it with ... a line.I mean, A MOTHERFUCKING SIMPLE LINE WITHOUT SCREWING ANYTHING AT ALL , how can this be? Just a line? Gross.
  4. the X-Technique, sounds interesting? No, not really. People who use it have claimed it as unbelievably boring since they just X things. They usually use it in their everyday life as well. They X cooking,cleaning,ironing,fucking etc. as well as people or other activities.
  5. the original Smuuudge Technique [with 3 u] for people who don't love writing and like to mess up whatever they don't love so .... whenever they do a mistake they smuuuuuuuudge it , lines, circles, squares, triangles, cars ,cute elephants ,,, they draw every kind of geometrical shapes with passion, and theeeeey like it, oh devil, they really do so they usually don't need to make a mistake in order to plant the seeds of disaster.

    and finally the most anticipated... My Technique. It's not unique but whenever I write something wrong I write the correct one write on the wrong  I won't use any deleting technique i will just write the right answer on it. I've accepted countless complaints cause nobody really gets what I write and that shades my bright mind HO HO HO

    PS:alternate 5 : the Wavy-Line Technique

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Take a breath,, that's my girl

I really have a liking in this gate that appears to be
a deserted kindergarten

a really vintage chair that I would capture for sure if it wasn't

What did I say ? You leave everything until the last minute and you're trying desperately to cover the dawdle sea you made being late even to your own program . So at the crucial point when you've given up and say ... 'I CAN'T MAKE IT IN TIME , I regret not starting earlier' is when you're beloved roommate will notice your nervousness and ask you 'Why you rushing? What time 'd you think it is?' and hopefully discover that you have one hour more than you'd expected and you can take it easy and.. HAH! You go watch anime for another hour and then come back .

That's Athina for you ,, yayy

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Streets & Pirates

the pirate awaits for new adventures
(all pictures are from when the pirate invaded Kastoria this christmas)

the pirate and a tree

"What?....You aren't feeling so well ha?....Nooo, no don't think about it I'm coming there....Yeah, yes I do remember where you are...Alright see ya." a couple of minutes later.. "Fu..oh nooo, no waiiit, wait. Shit , I mean 5.970 avenues & 560.000.379 roads you all need to cross this street right now? TAXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !" and the girl that had absolutely no idea of where she was going got in the vehicle cool & easy "whe're you going missy?" asked the old tarif  "ehmm..ah! Geraka, I'm going to Geraka" said the missy and thought she was fine since it was just a straight road, how difficult could it be. "should I go from Plakedias?" wondered the experienced man -did I mention?Old man."Ehhhhhhhh..." that particular eh was held for approximately 5 seconds in which the gorgeous young lady thought "I don't know how to direct him from there but I'll see something familiar. After all what do I have to lose?" and the first mistake had already been made "Yes!" the small idiot answered with confidence. They've been traveling for several minutes when the obnoxious old -pretty old I have to say- man informed the unsurpassed but a bit of an airhead beauty that from then on she would have to tell him where to turn. Like hell she knew. "Errrrrm" "Ehhhhhg" "I should call my friend, just wait a minute.." she said in an unbelievably adorable way that wasn't recognized though."What?Ok, I don't know what you're talking about speak to the tarif" she said having forgotten that she gives money for talking to the phone and that we are talking about an old a really old man.Well I'm bored and this is ridiculously huge so I'm gonna tell you that nothing more than the girl laughing on the back seat and a fortune been wasted on the taxi and the phone since the tarif wouldn't catch a word , happened.

the pirate and his boat, don't be fooled by its small size
it's ferocious


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Need some love?

When you think that no one is giving you any attention you most
probably are the one to not care about the ones who do.

one of the few adornments that I liked in the
Lilin called me last night to inform me that I would go with her to some crappy movie she really wanted to watch. But I was sulking and got pertinacious ..and she got furious and at some point she angrily shouted: "For god's sake Gerasime" instead of shouting my name , the rest is history , I started laughing my ass while she was explaining to me that whenever she's really pissed she accidentally calls the one at fault -me in this case- Gerasimo , her boy who is pissing her whenever I get to see them, something that I found absolutely hilarious.

PS: christmas repressed desire , I wanted so badly to walk with you at the sunrise

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Please don't take him just because you can

yeah,, we might not be anything like what I'm describing afterwards but we're having fun anyway
and yeeeeeees YES the new synth is finally here and that rehearsal was dedicated in exploring it
everybody's on keyboards except the undeniable & unbridled talent the keybordist who
captures the emotion & is no other than me ho ho ho
Anneke Van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh 5/1/2010 : And that was the first time I met Danny, after the epic & probably the best live of the previous year in my opinion Porcupine Tree with Anathema 9/9/10, who also dedicated a song to Steven Wilson-I would dedicate him the whole setlist but I think I'm out of the point. Anneke's voice is untouched and she's really sweet and entertaining so I really regretted for not getting too see her with Agua de Annique last last year since this show was really worth going although it was as good as an acoustic show could be. However I really enjoyed the whole thing - question: wasn't there supposed to be a support band? - and the family atmosphere  kind of made me feel easiness though it wasn't the Gathering neither Anathema anywhere on the stage.
our beloved guitarist
he's not as good as he seems
*devil* muhaha

Anneke did a splendid cover of "Jolene" something that reminded me that I never found a cover of the song that could satisfy me but I couldn't find it in decent condition online *sad*. Well my dignity would never let me say sth like what the song says to a woman but it's such a beautiful song that makes me wonder if I would.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

As well as hell

ah , & a happy new year

What's this shit with people? Masochists to the bone. Days like these when you start appreciating sleep is when it happens. You are lying in your bed and although you're hungry, you need to visit the toilet badly and you want to watch spongebob , you will sit right there torturing yourself for ten minutes more without even getting any more sleep.

inside the old but full of love house we stayed
it was raining so the cat came in

I also realized that there's no point in trying anymore to suppress the instinct that is rooted deep inside my own self. After all it will preponderate. I just can't do anything else but do any stuff I have to do the last day of the deadline. Even if I try or think of it for days that won't change and I have qualms about it as well & can't do anything. Pathetic i am.