Saturday, 25 December 2010

What you said is going to hell

keep on running, keep keep on running
there's no place like home, there's no place like home

                                          White Lies (I'm waiting for you on your own this time)

My way to my winter resort.

As bored as hell.
I ain't have no issues with nature.
I just prefer being home.
If home is the people I'd prefer to be with.

PS: Vodka Juniors 23/12/10  whiskey seniorsThese kids are confuuuuuuuused . They managed to fill Gagarin with zero advertise yet they wouldn't accept any support and they were playing for 3+ hours !? A kinda contradictory band with the first half with reggae rock (with a couple of really good songs) and the other half with a kinda good wannabe Bad Religion punk. All in all they came up to my expectations even though a bit tiring for a not-such-a-big-fan like me. The title was inspired by sth their singer said to a fan since the communication with the crowd was strong and they kept everybody warmed up.

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