Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Do you like cookies?

across the street there was this flower pot as a sign for the shop

& that is outside the shop from where I bought the present for one of the monsters
a clock
when I gave it to him , he turned the clock indicator several times & then he stopped
I asked him what time was it , and he answered :
it's sixty o' clock

I'm currently staying in a house full of toddlers who will only sit still whenever I open the teli. I guess I can't help myself but think of their whereabouts. They might be frustrating when they steal my glasses and think that I won't be able to see them anymore or hide my bag or take my teddy frog as theirs or... ok they are always frustrating. However there's nothing funniest than toddlers who cry walking while holding their dad's hand for no reason at all or than that small round kid that suddenly ran into me and then looked me in the eyes thinking "don't scold me pleeeeeeease".

some granny holding a family burden

After all the videos of my attempts to murder my sister when younger are hilarious and are all ending with my mother's voice screaming "Athinaaaa nooooooooo". Something that also reminds me of her precious advice: "you should eat your vegetables, you won't get taller otherwise"
                                              well we never ate them
                                              but we never got taller either

I can't transfer pictures from my camera here so I'll be putting them in two days time


  1. I wish you a happy new year girl ^_^
    I decided to become a follower after seeing this "family burden" line under your photo and laughed a lot X-)


  2. Hah , so I'm capable of making ladies laugh?
    My mam would be proud of me .

    Happy new year to you too, appreciate your comment.