Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Deaf jinn

Nikol on Lilin's bike on our way to L's home
she cooked for us *heart*

our favorite place for backgammon

I was playing backgammon all summer long with Mitsos
The story : this morning , while Nikol was eating my dust at backgammon ( I was so lucky today-κώλος όμως [well I always am hohoho]  that I' m actually playing right now online *bg nerd*) & asking annoyingly for the dice that was serving her,which wouldn't come,so she thought that maybe the jinn that heard her wishes was deaf.

The thoughts : imagine that? You are running for the last train because it's the only way to arrive on time for the most important and profitable work you've ever had. You are sure you can catch it, but you slip,, you missed it.. fuck.Where did you slip godammit,, shit! What's this? An oil lamp? What the..haha who am I Alladin or sth? I'm fucked. Let's see if you can f.. hoaaaa *fssssssssssss paf*. Wha..WHAT? Wish? And you say that you want the train to come back but it hears that you want a pain to turn up. In the next scene there's you but,, wait,, there's sth missing. Your left arm muhohohoho

the misfortune of being lucky.

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