Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Do you like cookies?

across the street there was this flower pot as a sign for the shop

& that is outside the shop from where I bought the present for one of the monsters
a clock
when I gave it to him , he turned the clock indicator several times & then he stopped
I asked him what time was it , and he answered :
it's sixty o' clock

I'm currently staying in a house full of toddlers who will only sit still whenever I open the teli. I guess I can't help myself but think of their whereabouts. They might be frustrating when they steal my glasses and think that I won't be able to see them anymore or hide my bag or take my teddy frog as theirs or... ok they are always frustrating. However there's nothing funniest than toddlers who cry walking while holding their dad's hand for no reason at all or than that small round kid that suddenly ran into me and then looked me in the eyes thinking "don't scold me pleeeeeeease".

some granny holding a family burden

After all the videos of my attempts to murder my sister when younger are hilarious and are all ending with my mother's voice screaming "Athinaaaa nooooooooo". Something that also reminds me of her precious advice: "you should eat your vegetables, you won't get taller otherwise"
                                              well we never ate them
                                              but we never got taller either

I can't transfer pictures from my camera here so I'll be putting them in two days time

Monday, 27 December 2010

Currently Away

ATTENTION : internet cafe causes serious inspiration drought

coming soon...

Saturday, 25 December 2010

What you said is going to hell

keep on running, keep keep on running
there's no place like home, there's no place like home

                                          White Lies (I'm waiting for you on your own this time)

My way to my winter resort.

As bored as hell.
I ain't have no issues with nature.
I just prefer being home.
If home is the people I'd prefer to be with.

PS: Vodka Juniors 23/12/10  whiskey seniorsThese kids are confuuuuuuuused . They managed to fill Gagarin with zero advertise yet they wouldn't accept any support and they were playing for 3+ hours !? A kinda contradictory band with the first half with reggae rock (with a couple of really good songs) and the other half with a kinda good wannabe Bad Religion punk. All in all they came up to my expectations even though a bit tiring for a not-such-a-big-fan like me. The title was inspired by sth their singer said to a fan since the communication with the crowd was strong and they kept everybody warmed up.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Should I go to universe 217 or to vodka juniors?
Should I cancel the lesson today or not?
Should I stay or should I go?

A freakin' odd potato I found in the kitchen
another omen ? *heartheartheart*

The kitchen [ I just can't stop thinking of that kid in the English lesson who consisted on telling it chicken instead of kitchen whenever I say this word ha* ] well, the kitchen was always yellow since we moved. Not so recently it was painted plain hospital-white [disaster] , well I don't think I will ever get used to it so whenever I sit there and check the walls it always gives me the creeps , like , when who? And then I check the random yellow corners which are left and think to myself that I've seen this before. Yellow is awesomeeeee why would you do this to me ..

*and whenever the chicken comes to mind I think of that girl that couldn't say vegetables and she was saying  vege-tables like the table , I don't know if you get me but I don't think she mastered it yet hoho.

PS: I have to think of sth new to tell you tomorrow , and the day after tomorrow but my real problem is that I want to see you the day after the day after tomorrow as well , ,,

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wonderfully foolish

another flaw of mine is that broken doll
my sister accepted her so
I accepted her dog

It's unbelievably awkward when I write something ,anything , and at some point I'm not sure about the spelling of one word. I constantly wait for the red underline, which always turns up whenever I spell sth wrong when on the computer, to appear on the paper .


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I should tell this to someone

today I started feeling really nice for this place heh
waiting here remember .. .

Just when do you think you'll learn to control this stupid smile? You're being too enthusiastic and you know it.
I know it. Just when am I going to understand that I can't get over it [you] just because I decided to. And when are you going to stop giving me chances I know I don't have. I don't right? But I just can't stop adoring this smile

clean your eyeglasses and see around

It's your fault when you make someone happy just by giving him attention    yours


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's been the worst day since yesterday.

way to corfu april 2010

Have you felt like this? At some point you know that you're still on the plan but the life you currently have is vacant. You want to turn the next page , to pass this stage as soon as you can. You know it might not be better but you are sure as hell ,it will at least be different. A new start , that is. But when that's 2 years away from you? You're obliged to wait & wait..But on the way you begin to have doubts. Like if you are looking out of the window from such a close distance that your breath is causing the glass to go humid and you can't see clearly anymore.

I certainly haven't.

PS : thanks to flogging molly for the title

Sunday, 12 December 2010

People who laugh on their own are funny>.>

school of Agg [me studying]

language school of Napoleon[a weird bulb laughing on its own]

Agg (in the classroom) : Hahahahahaha [everybody's looking at him][little pause]
                                     I remembered something ,,,[I laugh my ass]

Napoleon (other classroom) : Aaaahahahah [strict look]
                                              nothing, nothing at all ,,,[still smiling]

people who laugh on their own are soo soo funny
little cutie pies

I'm gonna eat yaaa

Friday, 10 December 2010

Finest arabica coffee from guatemala

It's almost as wrong as me not having this particular mini cooper

or as this cat thinking that this kitten is her daughter
It's when you understand that you have been doing something wrong from the very start,from when you were born. When you understand that it's not normal,that not everybody eats his bread with butter & chocolate spread. Believe this? Plain chocolate? No butter? At all?     Your worldview gets upside down.

That's what I thought when I read a note behind the bottle label: "Finest arabica coffee from Guatemala".How can this be? It's commonly known that arabica coffee has its roots in the mountains of Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula (haha read this on wikipedia). So this sentence have been tragically wrong from the veeery beginning , when it came into the bright mind of .. someone.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Deaf jinn

Nikol on Lilin's bike on our way to L's home
she cooked for us *heart*

our favorite place for backgammon

I was playing backgammon all summer long with Mitsos
The story : this morning , while Nikol was eating my dust at backgammon ( I was so lucky today-κώλος όμως [well I always am hohoho]  that I' m actually playing right now online *bg nerd*) & asking annoyingly for the dice that was serving her,which wouldn't come,so she thought that maybe the jinn that heard her wishes was deaf.

The thoughts : imagine that? You are running for the last train because it's the only way to arrive on time for the most important and profitable work you've ever had. You are sure you can catch it, but you slip,, you missed it.. fuck.Where did you slip godammit,, shit! What's this? An oil lamp? What the..haha who am I Alladin or sth? I'm fucked. Let's see if you can f.. hoaaaa *fssssssssssss paf*. Wha..WHAT? Wish? And you say that you want the train to come back but it hears that you want a pain to turn up. In the next scene there's you but,, wait,, there's sth missing. Your left arm muhohohoho

the misfortune of being lucky.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


And I forgot your birthday.
I'm sure I was feeling worse even if you didn't
and guess what
I'm not telling you anything about it
you can be as sad as you want
I don't care

The miserabler excuse & the miserable grammar

I much more prefer being just us anywhere

Why I'm not related with fb and/or twitter :
It's not that I don't like what everybody does.It's just that I don't like places where a crowd of familiar faces is gathered, is it a place or a social network.

However when I pass by *the miserable excuse* I might take a look at how's everybody doing, hah! I don't need to call them anymore =D *the miserabler excuse & the miserable grammar*

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

We Say Die !

You Say Party !       28/11/10 Athens
Becky Ninkovic

I love the movement in these photos:

I absolutely loved them.I would go again if they played the day after & even if they played the day after the day after.Μα το διάολο-I might have gone more times to concerts than to the doctor however I certainly haven't felt quite this energy before.That Rebecca girl is the most entertaining creature I've met.She was constantly climbing on the amplifiers,the drums,the divining railings and she was chased by the responsible guy whenever she was mixed with the crowd, oh yes she jumped in ,dancing with us and knotting the microphone all around.After the show I met the new keyboardist.This guy is motherfucking funny.

Woven Hand      27/11/10 Athens

Eugene greets the crowd
Look what this dude with his camera did to my photo

Well, I'm a bit disappointed here.The performance was fine except the tiring intro in every song.The setlist was a mess.It's not like I didn't enjoy the whole thing. But I missed iLiKETRAiNS and I don't think it was worth it. Fuuuuuuuuck I should have foreseen that *cries on the floor*.