Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You can give a speech between its riffs ,,,

An unusual performer i saw downtown

Today was one of these days which , for some reason , the main thing you have to do -'thing' refers to school- is canceled without it being vacation day or sth & you spontaneously thinκ that you have nth to do or worry about the whole day,well not exactly the whole, that feeling continues until the very moment sth accidentally reminds you that dawdling all day a sunny WENDΕSDAY can't possibly be the idea of a sane mind & that is the exact moment the deadly question appears before you: should I get reaaaaaally nervous pull my hair push my butt & start working on what I might be able to finish in time or just continue what you're doing leaving that brief  moment of anxiety to the past. Well I did the second

Since i talked about guitarists this is the vocalist & obviously guitarist (with a really special handmade guitar i have to say) of electric litany who gave an atmospheric performance .25\9\10

Many hours before this I had a meeting with the crew & while attempting to shove a couple of verses from "Antigone" -yes the Sophokles tragedy - to a terribly well known melody in order to shock the crowds , our lead guitarist discovered that there are songs that even if you say a paragraph between the riffs it's a match ! success !! someone bless the doors

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