Friday, 5 November 2010

There will always be conspiracy theorists ...

Behind the stage there was a really interesting slide show which could draw your attention from the performers from time to time. In one of the images  there was the phrase of the title, I googled it & read an intresting opinion here

Only the guitar boy here had 7 pedals , the band consists of 5 members but on the stage there were about 4 guitars, a bass,drum kit with 10.000 cymbals & 4 synths !? It 's not accidental that they exist on the map without vocals

Recently I've been very unhappy since my beloved band red sparowes would visit Athens on -a however fine- THURSDAY ,,come oooooooon why? WHY? What has the weekend done to you? Later on I realized that the next day I wouldn't have school because of the elections so I went to the tickethouse the same day with the gig and got the -literally speaking- golden ticket full of joy * yaaaaaaay * . Didn't I know that it would be of the best decisions (H)

Once it finished Andy was walking around the crowd i was really excited thought about it a bit and said sth like a really happy ,, HI! ho ho ho

These are like the BEST slippers I've seen around, pay attention to the look,, and tell me HAVE YOU SEEN SUCH A NOSTALGIC FULL OF PASSION LOOK BEFORE? Lilin you've got the taste

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