Saturday, 27 November 2010


First & glorified my santa cup

all these street decorations that stand there
the whole year but open only now

Well,whenever I go out ,these days, I notice a new omen of christmas so even if you don't want to remember they're coming because you know Santa is not gonna bring you anything this year, you'll be forced to.Like hell I like this shitty celebration. Yeah,yeah I know why would anybody hate christmas?
  • clue 1: Because Christ is supposed to have been born the same day.
  • clue 2: Because if you happen to pass christmas eve home you will be fully depressed.
  • clue 3: Because if this year's christmas you weren't as happy as the last's one you will be depressed.
  • clue 4: Because if sth bad happens to you & it's christmas you'll be x3 times more depressed.
  • clue 5: My hatred 4 christmas movies might not be as huge as the one for easter's but it remains hatred.
  • clue 6: Because of the usual commercial attack "Buy this shit!","Eat this shit!" you should even fuck with these shit ,you go buy a bra & suddenly it's all red.Fuck me.I spent all my money to the roland I still don't have & I don't have any other believe mee.
  • clue 7: Because people swaddle everything in their house-including the house - with all these vulgar christmas lights.

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