Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Second floor

Lilin doesn't leave in an apartment so she doesn't face such problems
L's room
colorful it is
here's Nikol in girlie mode

It has a couple of beautiful spots

A block of flats is a very complex building.You impulsively notice your neighbors habits or moves even if you don't remember their name, especially when it has to do with their attitude towards you. I never really cared but I couldn't help myself but observe that the same thing happens every time again & again. So , whenever I happen to be with a person in the elevator whomever he might be he will always "accidentally" push the button for his floor -yes,our elevator isn't automatic prehistoric ha? - instead of mine which is the lowest possible -lazy girl you'll become like tripe- & half way through they will have a sudden flash & say sth like 'damn me where do I have my mind?'. It doesn't actually bother me. It's just another unexplained thought

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