Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nobody likes you when you're dead

Me & Theo on the rooftop of a newborn building
We would surely die if we fell from there by accident
& then nobody would like us for sure

adorable Theo

Nobody likes you when you're dead as zombina with her skeletones told us. Well neither do I . Especially YOU yes YOU small evil juno stage *cries on the floor* . You betrayed meeeeee snif snif , I was looking forward to seeing you sooo much *broken*. I made all these phone calls & arrangements & what's your 'thanks' to all this?
 Coming here sick?SICK? How dare you, I saw you drooling touched your infinite klavier & then ? Well you wouldn't open your eyes for me. The story? Well I just received my brand new roland synth after saving up for months but the screen wouldn't turn on.I'm really really pissed

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