Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Nighty night C *moon*

At least the morning was an OK, with many many of these pink sugars they are sth else

actually it was sunny so I don't know why the umbrella

maybe because it's the most colorful wonderful
umbrella in the world & it was a perfect
match with my nails yayy

I noticed , dunno how , I surely have noticed . I would blame full moon - isn't "O" like one? the "C" on the title isn't full :( *sad* -but yesterday was not a full moon neither half not even a quarter ,actually I don't remember me seeing it last night so let's get moving to the subject. Isn't it impossible to recall something you thought before you sleep ? Like really impossible. I think it's beyond my powers. I just CAN'T. I don't even know how came & I remember that I don't remember what I tried to remember . Maybe because it passed the 10000000 time that happens & it's got it's birthday so.. What is torturing me today is what WHAT THE FUCK was the song I heard last night on the radio & wanted to download so badly today. Yes it is important , yes i also have other problems but that's a problem too. Yes it is important but I couldn't probably note it since my bed is really tall & it was already late. That's my drama for today

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