Friday, 26 November 2010


Panik is going to the gig hate youuuuu
made this for him some time ago

Hmff.. It's tomorrow yes it is..For a month now I have been in a dilemma since this frisatursunday we have iLiKE TRAiNS,Woven Hand & You Say Party We Say Die and guess what, there ain't no budget plus recently I've been troubled by anemia so I would probably like DIE the third day. So with my heart weighted down by sorrow I decided to leave iLT behind.But that's not the first time this happens OK? I know I'll be regretting this like hell & I will have friends who were there telling me how great it was and , I will be sad D: Not to mention that I was just informed that Red Snappers are on their way here,, I should start considering these low budget reality shows

PS:why is this blog full of drawings lately?

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