Saturday, 27 November 2010


First & glorified my santa cup

all these street decorations that stand there
the whole year but open only now

Well,whenever I go out ,these days, I notice a new omen of christmas so even if you don't want to remember they're coming because you know Santa is not gonna bring you anything this year, you'll be forced to.Like hell I like this shitty celebration. Yeah,yeah I know why would anybody hate christmas?
  • clue 1: Because Christ is supposed to have been born the same day.
  • clue 2: Because if you happen to pass christmas eve home you will be fully depressed.
  • clue 3: Because if this year's christmas you weren't as happy as the last's one you will be depressed.
  • clue 4: Because if sth bad happens to you & it's christmas you'll be x3 times more depressed.
  • clue 5: My hatred 4 christmas movies might not be as huge as the one for easter's but it remains hatred.
  • clue 6: Because of the usual commercial attack "Buy this shit!","Eat this shit!" you should even fuck with these shit ,you go buy a bra & suddenly it's all red.Fuck me.I spent all my money to the roland I still don't have & I don't have any other believe mee.
  • clue 7: Because people swaddle everything in their house-including the house - with all these vulgar christmas lights.

Friday, 26 November 2010


Panik is going to the gig hate youuuuu
made this for him some time ago

Hmff.. It's tomorrow yes it is..For a month now I have been in a dilemma since this frisatursunday we have iLiKE TRAiNS,Woven Hand & You Say Party We Say Die and guess what, there ain't no budget plus recently I've been troubled by anemia so I would probably like DIE the third day. So with my heart weighted down by sorrow I decided to leave iLT behind.But that's not the first time this happens OK? I know I'll be regretting this like hell & I will have friends who were there telling me how great it was and , I will be sad D: Not to mention that I was just informed that Red Snappers are on their way here,, I should start considering these low budget reality shows

PS:why is this blog full of drawings lately?

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

pure local

If I didn't knew what this says I couldn't understand this as well
for athina & mr furuichi(long story)
ΑΘΗΝΑ (from achilleas)

She had been fooling him.And when he realized she was fooling him, he was fooling her. But she realized that he understood she had been fooling him, and he has been fooling her ever since & now she's fooling him again.

pure local scenario

what's wrong with you people?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Dear a friend

get it over with..
(thanks for the jacket even If I seem kinda big)

& let's go back to our stupid times.
Kinda weird
Finally took a grasp of what you're saying
Still I got nothing to say
Though it seems simple to me
But that's sth completely yours so you shouldn't care about what I say
I.. .
I couldn't even consider it
& why should I when there's no reason?
So a reason might indeed exist
But for me even when there clearly was one
even then I couldn't consider it
However we are different
our lives our loves ,all different
so you shouldn't count me & decide for yourself

all alone

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Let's begin again

we were so nice in the summer

You have already forgotten me so the only thing left is for me to forget you.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I hate torrents

awe from the roof

I literally resent them. But know I'm officially obliged to use them. Limes rip & dunno why, one day limewire just died.There ain't no perfect discography so why would I want it all? & I hate this check-uncheck thing. If I only want one song?(& that's what I usually want-if my library has 10 songs they are from 7 different artists let's say). And I don't wanna hear about albums, albums = zero seeds ,so if you try to seek your song into the whole discography until you find it you will be a granny who eats spaghetti.

my dog seems depressed too.
It's a sad hairy ball

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I hurt my leg today to see if it still feels

I guess these guys are in pain too
the bunny is the same with the next,
it just became a butterfly

the bunny the previous night
I'm in pain.It makes sense.I'm a person.When you are sth you can't be sth else as well.Well that's not valid.But in my case it is.No Athina you can't be a monkey when you are person.So why would you want to jump out instead of leaving from the door -αρχοντας.It might be the boiling blood.I won't do it again,sorry.I'm hurt now.My knee.Is that fine?No not really. After all doors are for the win. Random?I don't think so

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Second floor

Lilin doesn't leave in an apartment so she doesn't face such problems
L's room
colorful it is
here's Nikol in girlie mode

It has a couple of beautiful spots

A block of flats is a very complex building.You impulsively notice your neighbors habits or moves even if you don't remember their name, especially when it has to do with their attitude towards you. I never really cared but I couldn't help myself but observe that the same thing happens every time again & again. So , whenever I happen to be with a person in the elevator whomever he might be he will always "accidentally" push the button for his floor -yes,our elevator isn't automatic prehistoric ha? - instead of mine which is the lowest possible -lazy girl you'll become like tripe- & half way through they will have a sudden flash & say sth like 'damn me where do I have my mind?'. It doesn't actually bother me. It's just another unexplained thought

Monday, 15 November 2010

Boredom kills

a tree ,, ,

, ,, in the streets

Well it might, but I personally think there are better ways to meet Rory.Lately I've been really bored & everyday activities such as feeding my elephant or making another phone call to the man who brought the sick roland became so dull I can't even imagine how my little sister convinced me to go buy a birthd present for her teacher. Well the point is,my sister plays the guitar & she's got that teacher,yeah,, ehm. She bought a really insignificant one but it didn't matter since people become unexpectedly happy with such things,that way I realized my boredom deprives people from happiness :O  I'm a meaniee

huh?do you bring your own drink to the cinema?
saw this on a magazine & laughed ho ho

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nobody likes you when you're dead

Me & Theo on the rooftop of a newborn building
We would surely die if we fell from there by accident
& then nobody would like us for sure

adorable Theo

Nobody likes you when you're dead as zombina with her skeletones told us. Well neither do I . Especially YOU yes YOU small evil juno stage *cries on the floor* . You betrayed meeeeee snif snif , I was looking forward to seeing you sooo much *broken*. I made all these phone calls & arrangements & what's your 'thanks' to all this?
 Coming here sick?SICK? How dare you, I saw you drooling touched your infinite klavier & then ? Well you wouldn't open your eyes for me. The story? Well I just received my brand new roland synth after saving up for months but the screen wouldn't turn on.I'm really really pissed

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Nighty night C *moon*

At least the morning was an OK, with many many of these pink sugars they are sth else

actually it was sunny so I don't know why the umbrella

maybe because it's the most colorful wonderful
umbrella in the world & it was a perfect
match with my nails yayy

I noticed , dunno how , I surely have noticed . I would blame full moon - isn't "O" like one? the "C" on the title isn't full :( *sad* -but yesterday was not a full moon neither half not even a quarter ,actually I don't remember me seeing it last night so let's get moving to the subject. Isn't it impossible to recall something you thought before you sleep ? Like really impossible. I think it's beyond my powers. I just CAN'T. I don't even know how came & I remember that I don't remember what I tried to remember . Maybe because it passed the 10000000 time that happens & it's got it's birthday so.. What is torturing me today is what WHAT THE FUCK was the song I heard last night on the radio & wanted to download so badly today. Yes it is important , yes i also have other problems but that's a problem too. Yes it is important but I couldn't probably note it since my bed is really tall & it was already late. That's my drama for today

It hasn't even snowed yet ,,

Orestiada lake (2009)

           it hasn't frozen for many years
               enough to walk on it...  

but when it did .. .
Well it never snows actually , it's because it waits the right time, yeeeeeah yeah suuuuure. Should the right time - which was 3 or 4 years ago - have been the same time ,not to say the actual night , when I was sick as hell coughing my way to the hospital . Except this the most stunning white sight I've ever seen was that of the crystallized lake of Orestiada . That all came to mind while freezing to death last night . Success !

Friday, 5 November 2010

There will always be conspiracy theorists ...

Behind the stage there was a really interesting slide show which could draw your attention from the performers from time to time. In one of the images  there was the phrase of the title, I googled it & read an intresting opinion here

Only the guitar boy here had 7 pedals , the band consists of 5 members but on the stage there were about 4 guitars, a bass,drum kit with 10.000 cymbals & 4 synths !? It 's not accidental that they exist on the map without vocals

Recently I've been very unhappy since my beloved band red sparowes would visit Athens on -a however fine- THURSDAY ,,come oooooooon why? WHY? What has the weekend done to you? Later on I realized that the next day I wouldn't have school because of the elections so I went to the tickethouse the same day with the gig and got the -literally speaking- golden ticket full of joy * yaaaaaaay * . Didn't I know that it would be of the best decisions (H)

Once it finished Andy was walking around the crowd i was really excited thought about it a bit and said sth like a really happy ,, HI! ho ho ho

These are like the BEST slippers I've seen around, pay attention to the look,, and tell me HAVE YOU SEEN SUCH A NOSTALGIC FULL OF PASSION LOOK BEFORE? Lilin you've got the taste

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You can give a speech between its riffs ,,,

An unusual performer i saw downtown

Today was one of these days which , for some reason , the main thing you have to do -'thing' refers to school- is canceled without it being vacation day or sth & you spontaneously thinκ that you have nth to do or worry about the whole day,well not exactly the whole, that feeling continues until the very moment sth accidentally reminds you that dawdling all day a sunny WENDΕSDAY can't possibly be the idea of a sane mind & that is the exact moment the deadly question appears before you: should I get reaaaaaally nervous pull my hair push my butt & start working on what I might be able to finish in time or just continue what you're doing leaving that brief  moment of anxiety to the past. Well I did the second

Since i talked about guitarists this is the vocalist & obviously guitarist (with a really special handmade guitar i have to say) of electric litany who gave an atmospheric performance .25\9\10

Many hours before this I had a meeting with the crew & while attempting to shove a couple of verses from "Antigone" -yes the Sophokles tragedy - to a terribly well known melody in order to shock the crowds , our lead guitarist discovered that there are songs that even if you say a paragraph between the riffs it's a match ! success !! someone bless the doors

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

HELLO THERE YOU fresh meat

 some kid who decided to start roller skating & challenge death by moving around downtown with these,,,bravo young man

Well the whole blog idea started quiet the time ago - a second or two before this was written - with one and sole purpose which I' m gonna research to the bone.
 So cheers to the ones who today started ehm,, a new start? eeehm,, to write oooor,, just to me yay